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In the two weeks leading up to last Thursday, Vanu Inc fired seven people, all "for cause" though none of the causes with which I am familiar are ones I would normally consider firing offenses. My boss Jim was the first one; I was the last (at least so far).

In my own case, I should have seen it coming: my political capital was mostly with Jim and I was a strong ally of his. I took my most recent position there in order to get to work for Jim and to see if I could put together an effective organization, and it was pretty clear by a week after Jim was fired that I'd have to start from scratch in order to accomplish the second goal. So, I had been planning to speak to another manager there about an internal transfer. Had I not been approved for that -- and I know there are people there who want to move and have not -- then I don't think it would have been long before I quit, recession or no recession. Still, I wasn't expecting it to be so quick, or on these terms.

Vanu, Inc was a great place to work for almost the entire time I was there. I will miss many of my coworkers, and I learned some fun things along the way. I won't soon take another director-level position so many reporting steps away from the CEO in such a small company; the politics in that configuration are just too treacherous.

Tactically, miss_chance and I should be OK; this is actually reasonably good timing for a break. I've had a week to put together a resume and I'm a lot more relaxed now than I was three weeks ago, which I needed. I have an intriguing meeting set up for tomorrow, and I'm hoping for many more -- if you've got any interesting leads, please let me know.
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