phi (totient) wrote,


Capclave's restaurant guide strongly recommended a place it called "Joe's Noodle House", a few blocks away. The Chinese name of the restaurant looks like it's a given name and "Small Plates", which do constitute a big part of the menu. I didn't have my McCawley with me so I wasn't sure if the thing I was ordering off the specials menu was going to be Chinese Broccoli or Pea Pod Stems, but it turned out to be the best Chinese broccoli I've ever had, and the beef with shredded bamboo shoots was also excellent. I was in a small group so didn't get to try any of the rest of the menu, but I'll definitely be going back.

1488-C Rockville Pike (Metro: Twinbrook)
Rockville, Maryland 20852-1414
+1 301 881-5518
M-F 1130-2200
Sa-Su 1100-2200
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