phi (totient) wrote,

arisia never sleeps

At Arisia we have 24-hour events, and there is a chair on duty at all times and someone in the ops room overnight. Gaming and anime and the Con Suite run around the clock. But it's not just at-con that we're a 24-hour operation. Often the last-minute rush to prepare programming and publications involves burning a lot of midnight oil. In the last week I've pulled two near-all-nighters preparing documents for the hotel, once staying up until 7:45am and the second time until 6:15 (happily, in neither case did I have to go to work the next day). Even on "normal" nights deguspice and I are often up until 3, which is when cintyber wakes up from what I would call a nap and gets online. Email to Arisia public-facing addresses is likely to be answered at any time of day or night. So far I'm managing not to violate Passovoy's rule. But last year after a week in which no hour of the day failed to contain email from me at least sometimes, our then hotel rep asked me whether I ever slept, and I'm expecting a similar question from her replacement.
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