phi (totient) wrote,

happy birthday, mr. dodgson

Not bothering with the Arisia debrief that's going on right now. Who wants to go out on a bike in the snow anyway. It's not like I'll be a div head next year or anything.

Meanwhile, I've got half a pound of Dunkin Donuts coffee all ready to take to work with me tomorrow. Mm, mm.

All true, after a fashion. I'm home sick and would just as soon not infect all the Arisia staffers, nor make the crud worse by biking in the cold and wet. I'll still be reading, I suspect, but my actual position will most likely report to Ben and not to Jill. And someone's got to drink the commercial stuff Rosa brought in to the house while we were waiting for the 18-pound Sweet Maria's order to show up. It's not going to be any of us, so it might as well be my unsuspecting coworkers.
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