phi (totient) wrote,

got rings?

Rings owned by Red Sox current active roster members: Drew Crisp Kotsay (for Florida) Cora Pedroia Delcarmen Matsuzaka Beckett 2 (1 for Florida) Youkilis 2 Lowell 3 (1 for the Yankees and 1 for Florida) Lester Varitek 2 Ortiz 2 Okajima Hansack Ellsbury Lopez Wakefield 2 Timlin 4 (2 for Toronto) Bailey Papelbon

Total: 31, of which 25 earned in Boston.

rings owned by Yankees current active roster members: Jeter 4 I. Rodriguez (for Florida) Damon (for Boston) Moeller (for Arizona) Molina (for Anaheim) Marte (for the White Sox) Rivera 4 Pavano (for Florida) Pettite 4 Ponson (for St. Louis)

Total: 19, of which 12 earned in New York.
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