phi (totient) wrote,

a new experience

I have a little camera that shoots 6-megapixel JPG. The files aren't that big, and and awful lot of them fit on a 2G SD card, so I bought a couple on sale. One lives in the camera, and one in the laptop, and after every photo shoot I swap them and slurp the pictures onto the computer. It's great -- I can take big piles of photos and ditch the bad ones later when they're on something with a decent screen.

Today I filled up an SD card.

miss_chance's capoeria batizado was today, and it came with a lot of good things to photograph, some involving her and some the awesome capoeiristas who'd come in from out of town. There were a lot of upside-down-people shots, and a lot of flying-people shots, and one or two flying-upside-down-people shots. I have a lot of sorting to do.

And I'm looking forward to when miss_chance is one of the upside-down people in my pictures.
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