phi (totient) wrote,

cannondale to-do list

Before the upcoming Big Trip, and ideally before this weekend, I need to do the following things to the Cannondale (which is currently sitting patiently on the repair stand waiting for me):

- Mount and adjust new rear brake. I have two possibilities on hand, both of which have issues to be solved before they can be mounted, but I believe I can resolve at least one set of issues.
- New rear brake cable and barrel adjuster. I have plenty of these on hand, too.
- Plug brake boss holes if (as it turned out) the brake I can get mounted is the caliper brake.
- Adjust front brake tension. It's a V-brake, so this is two springs (maybe only one of which needs to be adjusted) and a cable.
- Trim and solder front and rear brake cables.
- New bar tape. I know I have some cellotape, but I don't want to use that on the Cannondale. I can't remember if I have any cork tape on hand or not.Thanks, desiringsubject, the yellow cork tape looks great.
- New bar-end caps. I have plenty of these.
- Two new water bottle cages and hardware. These I expect to buy from Tyler at Paramount.
- New front rack. I don't have one of these, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to shell out $80 for the (very nice) one Tyler has on hand or if I should get one somewhere else.
- Tighten down rear rack screws.
- Do something about the fenders. I'm not willing to spend money on this, but if I have a nicer front fender than what's there now I want to swap it in, and I need to figure out which of the rear fenders I have is the nicest and put it on (there's no rear fender on right now).
- New computer. I have several of these kicking around and one of them might even work.
- Check wheel bearings. I'm hoping these don't need a repack, or at least that the rear wheel doesn't need a repack. Bearings are in fine shape.

One of the brake issues is the lack of a custom Cannondale part. Anyone have or know of a wrecked Cannondale frame I can steal a rear cantilever brake boss from? It doesn't look like they unscrew from the frame, but they do. It has to be Cannondale; everyone else uses a standard M10 thread but Cannondale is Imperial 5/16 x 18TPI. frobzwiththings is right: retapping is the right answer, since I have plenty of M10 bosses on hand and especially since my guiding philosophy on the Cannondale is to make it as easily serviceable on the road as possible. But that can wait another 1000 miles.
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