phi (totient) wrote,

boston montreal boston review post 4: welcome signs

Often state and province borders have signs at them welcoming you to whichever territory you are entering, and sending shots of them to Facebook is a fun way to keep people updated with your location. But while there were plenty of signs at the border, and we found New Hampshire to be very good about signs each of the several times we entered or left the state, we found no welcome signs anywhere for either Massachusetts or Vermont.

As miss_chance has noticed, it's not like Vermont needed a sign. Instead, immediately upon crossing the border, one is presented with a spectacular vista. What could any sign add to that? I hear that outdoor billboard advertising in illegal in Vermont, which makes utter sense as a way to protect the most valuable state asset.

Instead of a vista, we knew we were in Massachusetts when the quality of the pavement took a sudden lurch for the worse. Where Vermont, in aroraborealis' words, says "we don't need no stinkin' welcome signs", Massachusetts says "yeah fuck you, you're in Massachusetts".
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