phi (totient) wrote,

thai soup

roozle had a plan for dinner: defrost a package of cocktail shrimp and figure out something yummy to cook with it. But the package was half empty, so we needed a plan B. I poked around her fridge and found a half-empty container of chicken stock, a few green beans, and a bunch of cilantro. This wasn't going to be enough for dinner, so we were off to the grocery store for some pork and bok choy and asparagus (because in early February even the crummy grocery stores have beautiful asparagus). We picked up a bunch of scallions, too, and when I came home I made this:

Maybe a pint of chicken stock
One can of coconut milk
the greenest about 1/4 of a bunch of scallions, chopped in about 1/4" pieces
Enough dried chives that I thought I might be able to taste them over the scallions
Quite a bit of Penzey's coarse ground Mignonette pepper

bring to a boil

the stemmy 1/3 of a bunch of cilantro, chopped fine

at this point we realized that the rice roozle had put up to go with her stir fry was going to be way behind the soup, so I took the soup off the heat for a while. The cilantro didn't like this very much. If you might hold this recipe, put the cilantro in after.

Once the soup was back up to temperature:

A handful of green beans, cut in half
Half a bag of (cooked and frozen) cocktail shrimp, part way defrosted, with the tails and any obvious chunks of ice removed
A fair amount of salt
Lots of dried ginger

I didn't garnish this with more of the cilantro, or find any other spices that would go (I'd been thinking Thai basil might be nice). But it was really tasty anyway.
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