phi (totient) wrote,

tips for saturday's ride

Thinking of coming on my birthday ride this Saturday? Haven't ridden that far recently? Some tips:

  • Take the bike out for a mile or two (or five, if it has been a while since you rode it at all) beforehand to make sure it doesn't have a slow tire leak or some other mechanical problem.
  • Gloves are every bit as important safety gear as a helmet.
  • The current weather forecast is for the rain to hold off until the evening, but New England weather is changeable. Don't overdress. Do wear synthetics, and the most useful piece of extra clothing you can bring is probably a lightweight polypropylene undershirt.
  • This ride is long enough that you'll need to drink water on it. And most likely, you'll need to replenish electrolytes too -- not doing so can lead to cramps which can be quite uncomfortable. Gatorade helps some but not as much as you think. Bananas, V8 juice, and raisins are all excellent.
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