phi (totient) wrote,

blogging plans

I expect I'll be blogging during the bike trip. Blog posts that have nothing to do with the trip, or which fit with things I post here (like What's This posts), will still be here. Quick photo posts will be on Facebook, because it's so easy. Daily trip reports (and I expect to backfill the days I miss) will be at and syndicated back here as phi2011 where you can comment if you don't like the comment mechanism. I may also occasionally post to the Craigslist bike forums (where I am red_ciocc) but that's unlikely to be substantive.

Apparently Facebook Notify doesn't notify when I post photos, and I don't know why, but I'm going to keep using it because it means I actually post photos whereas taking them any other way results in me maybe posting it as part of a mosaic fifteen years later if it's really good.
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