phi (totient) wrote,

worldcon sunday

Day, um. 6, or 4. They have started to blur together.

This was Arisia party night, and also Art Show auction day. Got up in the morning and printed up some party flyers with the room numbers and put them on all of the message boards. Started to gather up party material and clean up the room, and delegated a bunch of party tasks to all of my fantastic helpers. Then I got a text that Circlet Press was offering the use of their suite. Awesome! And scary, because the last time that happened, at LAcon, we suddenly had to go buy a lot more groceries and dragoon people into party duty and all in all it only worked because we had a dozen people available to staff the party. But this is a smaller suite than that, and the newsletter had not gone to press with the room number yet, and it would have the side-effect of making there be a place for my still somewhat ill roommate to hide if he needed it (which, happily, he turned out not to). So after some dithering I accepted the offer, and sent off a bunch of texts to everyone affected. All this happening just as Art Show was getting busy was less than ideal and I bet Kerry thinks I am goldbricking. But I was able to help with closing bids, and a little with data entry.

By the time I actually made it up to the party suite it was nearly ready to go, and we opened the doors a few minutes early. At the very beginning the crowds came and went quickly, and the oscillation between super-crowded and nearly empty reminded me of a pulsejet. But things smoothed out and for the rest of the evening we had a great buzz going on without being intimidating. At any given time we typically had two and a half people working, so I sat the desk and served booze and sold memberships, and other people put out food and talked up the con, and we didn't bother with a door dragon.

The layout of this particular suite made running a party easier than it would have been in a guest room, and we had the right amount of food. Thanks especially to the Commonwealth party who gave us all the beverages we needed. No thanks to whoever "helpfully" donated the great big tote of useless crap just as we opened so that they wouldn't have to haul it to the dead dog themselves. I should have told them to haul it down there themselves.

We had a weird rush of memberships right around midnight. At one point we had a line to register! The Square app was great and people were impressed with how good their signatures looked on my iPad with the stylus. In the end we sold 27 memberships.

The plan had been to stay open until 2. But the party was going strong and the room hosts seemed OK with it so we wound up closing the doors to new partiers around 2:30, and didn't finish cleaning up and kicking people out until nearly 3. Good thing Monday isn't an early morning for me.
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