phi (totient) wrote,

Missed in all the noise

Last Thursday NASA and SpaceX held a joint news conference about SpaceX's recent mission to the ISS. They covered things you'd expect, like whether SpaceX had solved the power issues for the onboard deep freezer upon splashdown (yes) or whether the thruster problem was a hardware or a software issue (hardware, and not expected to recur). Of course since Elon Musk was on the call reporters asked him a lot of unrelated questions and as usual he served up some pretty wild answers.

The press has covered the stuff about Dragon 2.0, which will contain the integrated launch escape system and which Musk expects to unveil late this summer and perform a pad abort test with shortly after that. Some news outlets are even reporting what Musk said about working towards recovering Falcon 9 first stages (Space Shuttle SRBs were recovered at sea by parachute, so this is not a first). But lost in the noise is that the very next launch of Falcon 9 will include two additional burns by the first stage post separation. I can't wait to see how the reignition goes and what shape the stage is in after it hits the water.

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