phi (totient) wrote,

din tai fung

Visiting LA recently I recalled a trip to Harbor Kitchen and suggested we go for Chinese food. My father suggested Din Tai Fung which is famous for their soup dumplings. We got there at 4:15 on a Saturday and were just ahead of what by the time we left was a fairly major line. Yes, the soup dumplings are all that, and there are good non-pork and even vegetarian options. But don't neglect the rest of their menu. We also had the excellent Shanghai rice cakes, which had a sauce sort of half way between a brown sauce and a curry+Szechuan peppercorn sauce like you'd find on Singapore noodles. They have some tasty greens as well. Highly recommended.

Din Tai Fung
1108 S. Baldwin Ave (two blocks south of Huntington Dr)
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 574-7068
M-F 1100-2130
Sa 1000-2130
Su 1000-2100
other locations worldwide but mostly in east Asia

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