phi (totient) wrote,


Yesterday afternoon I left my desk at 3:15 to meet Ed Council by bicycle at Arisia storage. I got there in time to go upstairs, fetch a hand truck, convert it to four wheel operation, and walk out the door to our meeting point at 3:29:58 against a 3:30 meeting time. Not quite a minute later he pulled up and we unloaded his SUV of six cases of LED lightbulbs. He seemed a little disoriented by how quickly I was sending him on his way, but I was pleased to be back at my desk at 3:47.

When I got home it was recycling night, and there was actually room in our recycling bins so I finally got a chance to put out some old blank Arisia art show paperwork. We've come up with a new, lower-error process and so don't need the old by-hand print shop checkin forms, nor the old and more error-prone format of sales slips.

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