phi (totient) wrote,

the four noble truths, reframed

In the past month my Buddhist community has been working with the difference between acceptance and acquiscence, the former (as the opposite of denial) being an important step towards action and not the passivation that Buddhism's inward focus brings to its reputation. Equanimity is important, but so is anger.

Yesterday I sat a retreat with Rod Owens on the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. That wasn't the reframing one might imagine from Rod, but the reframing came easily to mind, so here it is:

  1. There is injustice in the world, in good times and in bad, endlessly and in endless variety.
  2. Injustice is caused by people. All people, individually and collectively, intentionally and unintentionally.
  3. Injustice is a call to action, always. The opportunity to act may change but the obligation does not.
  4. The fight against injustice is not a ticky box. It must imbue every aspect of your life. No single action absolves you of responsibility.

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