phi (totient) wrote,

a lifetime supply

So the other day I ordered some dollar coin wrappers on the net, because I've been frustrated at not being able to find them in stores. The place had a $100 minimum, so I bought some currency straps (for wrapping bundles of 100 bills) in various denominations, and some half dollar wrappers too.

They arrived today. In an enormous box. 2000 dollar coin wrappers is a hell of a lot; when you buy coin wrappers at Staples you're getting 50 each of the four most common denominations. I also got enough currency straps to bundle six million dollars in small bills. That'll last Arisia about three hundred years. Or we could supply the entire northeast corridor SF convention circuit, including any local Worldcons, for about 40 years. By the end of which time we probably won't be using cash any more.
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