September 23rd, 2002


why i hate fleet bank

So a week or so ago I went into the Fleet Bank in Porter Square and spoke to someone there about what I'd need to update Arisia's signature cards in light of the upcoming annual elections. She handed me blank cards and a certificate of resolution and told me to bring them back once the election was done, and also told me how to fill them out. I specifically asked if we needed to come in in person (no) and whether we needed anything notarized (also no).

I brought them to the election, got them all filled out, and today I stopped by the same branch to get them into their system. When I got there, the story had changed: we all needed to come in in person, unless specific arrangements had been made beforehand, in which case we needed notarized photocopies of everyone's IDs.

I took the signature cards back, and plan to try again until I get someone reasonable (fortunately, Fleet has hundreds of branches within easy driving distance, so I don't need a very high reasonableness quotient).

But arbitrary rules changes aren't why I hate Fleet Bank. The thing that was different between a week ago and today is that a week ago I was wearing business casual, and today I am wearing shorts and a T-shirt. So now I have to wait for the heat to break so I can wear business casual in to a branch without getting all sweaty doing it. I wish they weren't so damn transparent about it...