March 8th, 2003



Essex Ramble is going to be a Divisional this year!

Every year the New England Region of the SCCA picks two rallies to be part of the Northeast Division series. There are a lot of rallies to choose from, and usually a rally is a divisional for two years in a row, so we only get one new one per year. I expected this might eventually happen and have been running Essex so that it would conform to the additional requirements of a divisional rally, just in case. But usually it takes years, and this will be just the third Essex Ramble.

Last year, Fred (the guy who makes these decisions) went over the Essex route to make sure everything was OK. The route instructions for Essex are more than averagely complicated, and in one particular bit he commented "boy, I'm glad I'm not competing in this rally". Oof. So I've been making an effort to make things a little simpler, without making them too easy for the advanced crews.

Fred and I went over the route for the rally I'm doing in two weeks tonight. It's the first of the less fussy style rallies I've run, but I think I've managed to make it less fussy without making it boring. Apparently Fred thinks so too, since it was after the precheck that he suggested making Essex a divisional.

Go me!

In other news, the roads for the March Madness rally still, how shall I put it, make for some spirited driving. Full of snowy, icy goodness. Come on out and see!