May 13th, 2003


i sense a theme to my restaurant postings...

Krispy Kreme Donuts
1155 Pontiac Avenue (just north of I-95 exit 14)
Cranston, RI

Open 7 days, 5am to 1am
except Fri, Sat open until 2am
hours after 11:30pm are drive-through only

You know the drill: incomparably good doughnuts, lousy coffee. Free hot-off-the-line donut to anyone who makes it through the (fairly quick) line today.

I don't think anyone there was buying in units of less than a dozen. I bought six (dozen that is).

Oh, and Providence's rush hour is a cakewalk compared to Boston's.

drivers wanted

So the next Third Friday Night Rally is coming up this Friday, the 16th. Come on out! Feel free to show up without a partner and we'll either find you one or put you to work. Or if you're not up for driving around on dirt roads in the dark, you can pair up with me in the lead car or candle_light in the control car or keep registration after she and I have to leave the start. There's no need to preregister, though a head's up is nice.