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the golden mean
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Monday, December 15th, 2003

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a flurry of activity
As part of my role as corporate treasurer, I oversee Arisia's Paypal accounts. Mostly this means I get a couple of email messages a day from Paypal which I then use to make sure that the money goes to the con (from memberships) instead of to the equipment fund (from unloading unneeded cruft on eBay).

deguspice just posted to a widely-read mailing list about the prereg rate expiring at midnight tonight. We've sold 8 memberships in the 15 minutes after I saw his email.

Nothing like the last minute, eh?
I've seen the 100 best movies meme before, but not the 100 worst. I went through and started looking for movies I'd seen... and there weren't any! Well, there was one: The Avengers, which I thought was actually kind of fun.

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