January 15th, 2004


and it begins

Stopped by Arisia storage tonight to handle some paperwork for the logistics crew. They'd loaded the truck already, and there was quite an assemblage of past and present con chairs in the half-empty space. And now I know which half of our stuff we can get rid of...

For me, I think this marked the transition between prep and run-time. Any of my remaining prep (and there's a bunch) has moved, in my mind, into the realm of things which I'm making up for their not having been done, rather than things I'm getting out of the way. I still have a little ability to spend time doing them right, but not much.

Last year I posted about the calm before the storm, which led to some dubious comments. I see what you all meant. But even though I'm swamped with things to do, it's still that lovely part of the con, before the maelstrom has really begun; we may be busy putting plywood on the metaphorical windows tonight, but the rain hasn't started yet.