February 22nd, 2004


iron skillet

Driving home from Baltimore yesterday, we decided not to take US 206 through Somerville (NJ) as the restaurants we'd have stopped at were closed. So instead we got off 295 at exit 56 (also posted US 206, this is the connection to Exit 7 of the the NJ Turnpike). We saw a sign at the Petro truck stop complex advertising a wi-fi hotspot, so we pulled in to their parking lot and paid $3 through their web interface from the car, in hopes of getting to the chowhounds website. But after a couple of minutes we still couldn't get any net, so we decided to be brave and go into the scary restaurant inside.

They had a prime rib buffet which we avoided, but the 24-hour breakfast was perfectly reasonable. More food for the buck than stopping at the Wendy's around the corner. Decent service. Foodservice hash browns and home fries rather than handmade, but still high-end foodservice rather than the nasty starch-enhanced crap to which the Paper Moon has, sadly, been reduced. There's a massage area and a real computer room and one of the more eclectic random-truck-stop stores I've seen. If you're driving this route and want to avoid any unnecessary mileage or stops but are still willing to sit down to a meal instead of bringing it with you in the car, this option isn't nearly as scary as it looks.

Oh, and we never did get any net. But if you want to go try and don't want to go inside, signal strength is best in the parking spots on the right side of the building.

The Iron Skillet (signed as "Petro")
402 Rising Sun Rd.
Bordentown, NJ 08505
tel: +1 609 291 1154