May 7th, 2005


Rally prep

Essex Ramble is in just over a week.

The route is set and prechecked. I've chosen which control locations I'm actually going to use. I need to insert a bit of extra time in a few places, but that should be done tonight. The overall length is a bit longer than I had in mind, but I think it'll be OK. I could shorten it slightly in two places, but then I'd need to redo the precheck, which I don't want to do.

The trophies are ready; I have to pick them up, and then make some modifications.

The postmark deadline for entries was yesterday, and so far that's going at least as well as it's ever gone in the past. I'll have a better idea there by Monday.

I have three of my four control crews lined up.

I need to make about 20 checkpoint signs to attach to telephone poles along the route. This is in addition to the freestanding signs we usually use, which will be placed where there aren't telephone poles. I can get 24 signs out of a sheet of MDF, so it's off to Boulter Plywood in the morning. Maybe I can get a jump on the packet assembly this weekend, too.