June 25th, 2005



I'm not in Franconia today.

candle_light and I were planning to head up for the Big Lap rally. We'd have had to be there by 8 and it's a 2.5 hours drive, so I reserved a hotel room for last night. And since I thought it would be silly to make such a long drive in two cars, I planned to meet up with her at a party in Wilmington in the evening. miss_chance would be stopping by Wilmington and could retrieve the car, so I could drive there and she could drive home.

candle_light and family have an outing in southern NH today, and she was planning to go directly there. No problem; there's plenty of public transport from various points along the way, so I spent a bit of time compiling different ways to get back into town depending on the exact timing of our return from the far northern reaches. The most likely answer was a $15 bus ride from Concord, NH, as that added the least amount of driving to the weekend. But the fact that I was contemplating ways to cut five minutes of driving out of the weekend made me think that maybe driving to Franconia for a road rally was just too much driving at the expense of all the other things I'd also like to be doing this weekend.

Meanwhile there was ongoing doubt over whether candle_light and I wanted to drive up the night before or just go up in the morning from her place, but that's just background babble for this story.

Then around 10 got a call from miss_chance. From Vermont. She wasn't going to be stopping in Wilmington, and could I get the car back to Somerville so she could drive it to work in the morning? By the time I could get back to the party, candle_light would be at her house packing up for the drive north. Or I could get the car to someplace else that miss_chance could find, or find someone else to drive it back, or... and at this point I realized that the logistical knot had reached Gordian proportions and did the appropriate thing.

So today, I get to put my bike back together, which I've been wanting to do for a long time. I can't wait.

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Done today:
  • remove front brake (destructively)
  • clean frame and fork
  • repack headset, despite pitted cups (I got away with this one)
  • repack bottom bracket, despite pitted cups (I didn't get away with this one)
  • acquire new bottom bracket, derailleur pulleys, and miscellaneous cabling
  • replace bottom bracket
  • clean and lubricate front derailleur
  • disassemble, clean, and lubricate rear derailleur
  • install rear derailleur cable
To do tomorrow (or maybe Wednesday):
  • acquire correct new derailleur pulleys (or possibly entire new rear derailleur)
  • reassemble rear derailleur
  • fiddle with rear derailleur until it will retract fully
  • reinstall handlebars
  • install new front brake
  • install and adjust new brake levers and cables
  • tape handlebars
  • clean and reinstall right crank
  • install new left crank (thanks, Kit!)
  • reinstall left pedal
  • repack wheel bearings, if necessary (I hope not)
  • clean, true, and attach wheels
  • install new chain
  • adjust derailleur stops
  • install fender (or rear rack, if fender is unsuitable)
  • clean and reinstall headlight