June 30th, 2005


/t/e/n/ eight things i'd tell my ten-year-old self

I've previously posted that the problem with telling my younger self things is that my younger self wasn't too likely to listen. And the age at which I most needed advice was sixteen. But while those two things make this meme harder, they don't make it impossible. So:

The word for that thing you want to be when you grow up is "generalist", not "architect".

Figure skating sure is boring, isn't it? Try these speed skates on. If you get to be any good, they're your ticket out of gym class.

Just because the optician doesn't have the glasses you want doesn't mean they don't exist. Get your mom to take you to another store. You're right: the John Lennon look will really work for you.

Pay some more attention to the schematic for that circuit board you and your dad are working on.

Don't try to be clever on a witness stand. If you need clarification, say so instead of answering the question literally.

If you don't pick a musical instrument soon, your parents are going to pick one for you. Your mom is going to want a classical instrument. Countering with "piano" on the theory that keyboards are used in rock music too isn't going to get you out of having to play classical music all the time. Try "electric guitar" instead. Your dad will surprise you by backing you up on this. And your mom hates classical guitar.

If Isaac Asimov thinks something is fun to do, he's probably right, and you can do it too.

Those strange dreams you have about the trees are more significant than you know.