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the golden mean
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Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

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more thoughts
  1. Wow, Palm chose the $300 price point for their long-rumored TX instead of the $400 price point.
  2. That makes it quite a good deal indeed.
  3. That's less expensive than either the TC or the T5, and the specs are far superior.
  4. Curious that they're still bothering to list either of those other devices on their web site.
  5. I do wish they had a device with the new multi-connector at a $150 price point.
  6. Though they do finally seem to have changed their open-box prices to reflect the recently lowered price of the E2, so that's something.

  7. A friend told me that Sleepytime Gorilla Museum was like a cross between Einsturzende Neuebaten and The Residents.
  8. But they were a lot quieter than that.
  9. miss_chance and I thought they were more like a cross between The Dresden Dolls and Devo.
  10. Sleepytime Gorilla Musuem had a lot of interesting instruments.
  11. Some were recognizable: guitar, bass, xylophone, wa-wa pedal, circular saw blade.
  12. But there was a woman who played something almost but not entirely unlike a hurdy-gurdy, and something that wasn't a dobro, and something that might have been somewhat inspired by a sitar.
  13. It wasn't the show I was expecting.
  14. But neither were Einsturzende Neuebaten, when I saw them.

  15. I put a business card in a fishbowl and won a free lunch.
  16. But proverbially, it's not really free: There's a 5-minute pitch for some financial services at the beginning.
  17. It's also in Davis Square, rather than anywhere convenient to my office, since that's where I put the business card in.
  18. I'm not sure if I want to take them up on the lunch or not.

  19. China just launched two more astronauts, bringing their total to three.
  20. What's interesting about that is they showed it on live TV, not tape delay.
Last night I dreamt that I had an alarm clock which functioned by telling a cycle of increasingly-bad puns.

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