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the golden mean
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Saturday, July 1st, 2006

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le tour
Stuart O'Grady has just put in a strong effort in the prologue. As a sprinter, this is not really in his interest personally, so that means that CSC (his team) are chasing after the team classification. With their leader out, it wasn't clear what their strategy would be -- and it still isn't. They may be going for the team placement for itself since they've won it recently, or they may be doing it to get a better start time in the team time trial, in hopes that one of their riders can end up in yellow after that.
Thor Hushovd!

I wouldn't have picked that one. This stage counts for the green jersey like any other, but the placement points don't go down as far as a sprint finish, so you'd better be sure you can do well before spending effort on it.

This should be interesting.

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