November 1st, 2006



By the time I got home and ready to give out candy at 5:35 there were already a few kids on the street. Another record year:
28 kids by 6:00
92 kids by 6:30
100 kids by 6:35
147 kids by 7:00
200 kids by 7:11
222 kids by 7:30
240 kids by 8:00
250 kids by 8:15 or so, and then nothing until 9:15
261 kids by 9:30. The after-dinner kids are mostly well costumed 12-15 year olds in a small number of large groups. They're much less shy about ringing doorbells than the little kids are. I think there were still another dozen of them out there who might have come by if we hadn't shut off the porch light in order to go fetch take-out and watch Shaun of the Dead. I wonder if those kids have been out there all along or if this is a new phenomenon.

A bunch of us on the block are thinking that next year it is time to get the city to close the street.