September 1st, 2007


love and butter

Last night, miss_chance arranged dinner for six at Love and Butter in honor of infinitehotel's birthday. This was a brilliant idea for a host of reasons and a complete surprise to infinitehotel, who knew that there were such things as underground restaurants in the world but not that there were any around here. The chefs are exceptional and neither miss_chance nor I can think of a meal we've ever had that was better.

The menus on the web are incomplete: there are amuses-bouche and intermezzi and breads and supernumerary desserts and extensive wine suggestions (it's bring your own). Last night's meal ran with a tomato theme to amazing effect, which gave an awareness of the meal as a complete work as opposed to a collection of dishes.

An underground restaurant can be adventurous, and serving a set menu means the small dishes can get the attention they deserve. But what's really amazing about a place like this is that the menu can be a collaboration, worked out in the weeks before the meal, between the chefs and the diners. This works because the restaurant is small enough that this can be a single conversation, and because there are so few seatings.

Love and Butter
Address redacted
Seatings by arrangement, but usually Saturday at 7:30pm