September 15th, 2007


cube redesign

One of the things I like about Vanu is that the cube furniture there encourages communication and collaboration, by having cube groups with no walls between them, and configurable but mostly low cube-wall height between groups. But the standard furniture inside the cubes is terrible: the standard corner-desk with side wings arrangement which makes it impossible to fit more than one person in the workspace, with wing desks at the standard 30" height and only 19" deep instead of 24" making them too shallow for working on even with flatscreen monitors, and with super-deep corner units (for big CRTs, but no one has those any more) that further eat into the usable wing space. There are also rolling bookshelves and occasional tables, and a typical cube looks like this:

The corner units have built-in keyboard trays with good adjustability, so I was able to get work done for the first week or so, but it wasn't a long-term solution. So, I pulled all of the cube furniture out of my cube, and also lowered one of the partition walls to about 3 feet high. I found a furniture piece that's intended to cover lateral file cabinets to use as a desk and installed it at a more reasonable keyboard height. The monitor stands allow adjusting them very very low, so I put them on top of the 36" cubewall. Now I have actual workspace, and there's room there for two people to sit and see the screen:

Another shot of my cube, from outside, showing my cube-neighbor's still-default configuration next to me:

Next up will be to swap parts between the two bookshelf things to make a single low, wide bookshelf/drawer unit which can roll under the desk, and put a couch in the space currently occupied by the bookshelves.