November 1st, 2008


the tally

Schedule posted here so I remember to get home a little earlier next year, and so I can see how pacing is going in future years and adjust how generous I am with the candy accordingly.

at 5:45, kid 1 -- I wasn't home yet, so miss_chance handled the first few.
at 6:00, cintyber showed up (as did kid 8) and played the "ID the costume" game all evening.
at 6:15, kid 20.
at 6:30, kid 37.
at 6:45, kid 63.
at 6:56, kid 100.
at 7:00, kid 115.
at 7:18, kid 174.
at 7:23, kid 200 is a clone trooper -- lots of Star Wars characters this year.
at 7:30, kid 222. Then a five-minute lull before the next kid, dressed as Pooh Bear.
at 7:45, kid 258.
at 8:00, kid 272. miss_chance has finished the work she needed to do and she and I take a spin around the neighborhood. I have a conversation with someone down the street about why "that house" is taking a break this year, and relay the assurances I'd gotten from the folks who live there that they'd be back in '09. There are a few signs up saying "out of candy".
at 8:15, kid 283.
at 8:30, kid 292. Shortly after this I left to get fetch us dinner, while miss_chance and cintyber mind the candy.
at 8:45 or so (while I'm out), kid 299. We're about the only ones still giving out candy at this point.
at 9:00, kid 300, and that's a wrap (and yet another record). About 10% of the candy is left over -- certainly not too much for tomorrow's party.