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the golden mean
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Monday, May 4th, 2009

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done and done
I just faxed a job acceptance to a brand-new legal entity called VoltDB. I'll be employee number 5, working on a very interesting project with some really sharp folks. It's being incubated by (meaning, the work happens in the office space of) a company in Billerica. I start on the 11th and I'm totally psyched.
A friend of mine whom I don't see enough of apparently dreamt last night that this was because I'd been overseas on a secret mission. I feel a little like I've just gotten back from one of those and am going to embark on another in a week. I'm feeling like being social with the intervening time, particularly during the weekday daytime as that's about to vanish. Anyone want to do lunch, or go for a bike ride?

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