October 29th, 2009



Temps in the low 40s this morning, so I broke out the booties for the first time this season, in addition to the silk long undershirt and the lovely but increasingly tattered silk undergloves. Soon it will be time for the heavier undergloves, and maybe tights instead of shorts.

A coworker asked how long into the season I keep riding. I really don't know the answer to that question. I didn't ride yesterday or the day before because of the wet -- cold and wet is worse than snow in my opinion. I won't ride the Ciocc once they start to salt, even if it's nice out, and with morning coming later my rides are getting me in to work later than I'd like to arrive. The time change will help with that, but even so sunrise in midwinter will be as late as it is now in local time for much of January, and that has already been enough to keep me from riding a couple of times this season. Riding the (slower) Cannondale will add to this effect. And of course there is the snow. The parts of the bike path that I ride aren't plowed, and of course it's a much longer ride than I was doing to Kendall Square. Will I, or won't I? Will driving turn out to be just as bad, or will it be a nice toasty warm half an hour listening to NPR? I have no idea.