November 11th, 2009



It has been gorgeous weather all this week, which is making it easier to get out of bed and onto the bike -- and once I'm riding it's something to savor, coming as it does with the feeling that it won't be this nice again until spring. Over the winter one is supposed to back off from possible over-training, spin a high cadence, and not try to work on intensity. I've mostly been good about this recently but this week has been too nice for that and I've had a series of nice brisk rides to and especially home from work, making it home in under 50 minutes each time so far. Turns out the slow from riding at night and the slow from wearing a backpack aren't cumulative; if anything the one made the other less frustrating.

This is the temperature at which the difference between my metabolism and everyone else's is most apparent. It's almost but not quite cold enough for me to start thinking about cold-weather gear. But most other serious cyclists broke out the tights, long sleeved jerseys, and full finger gloves when it got below 60. I saw one guy who was going fast enough that it'd keep me plenty warm, but who was nonetheless wearing his winter hat. Meanwhile I'm out there in shorts, coolmax jersey, sweatband (and needing it too), high-airflow helmet, fingerless gloves, and no socks.