April 9th, 2010



A few nights ago, I had a dream that I was at Aussiecon Four and some SMOFs were trying to convince me that Arisia (or rather, a group with some Arisia people at its core) should bid for the 2015 Worldcon. I responded "But we just ran a Worldcon! It's too soon". They looked at me uncomprehendingly and pointed out that 2004 was six years ago and that it had been 11 years since the previous Australian Worldcon, at which point I said "No no, Arisia wasn't all that involved with Noreascon IV. I'm talking about Anticipation".

It's certainly true that Arisia the organization and many of the individual movers and shakers of Arisia put a lot more effort into Anticipation than we did into N4. It's also true that Anticipation was... disorganized. And much as I'd like to think that the bright spots are the ones I and my friends were in charge of -- areas like Logistics and Treasury and Staff Den which are either easily scalable or points of particular excellence at Arisia or both -- there are some dim spots which I can't escape thinking were due to the way Arisia approaches running conventions, and we would have to make structural changes before we were really capable of running a con with some of the features people expect from a Worldcon. Maybe we don't really care about those things, I don't know. But even if we did, when I say it's too soon, I'm not really talking about how long it has been since the previous con.