June 7th, 2011


packing list, a work in progress

5 pair bike shorts
5 bike jerseys
arm warmers
leg warmers
5 pairs cycling socks
lightweight booties
crochet-back gloves
spare pare of gloves
glove liners
Showers Pass Double Century windbreaker
5 bandanas
2 sweatbands
cycling cap

3 pair non-cycling socks
4 pair underwear
1 pair shorts
1 pair pants
hawaiian shirt
versatile crepe shirt
microfiber t-shirt
cotton t-shirt
microfiber button-down shirt
polypro long sleeve undershirt

toiletries kit
ear plugs

ultralight laptop
laptop charger
cell phone
cell phone charger
bluetooth headset
headset charger
solar emergency cell phone battery charger
short cable for cell phone charger
charger for headlight
spare taillight
spare batteries for primary taillight
shoulder strap for handlebar bag
a few checks

mega multi tool
spare tire
two spare tubes
patch kit
tire boot
derailleur cable
brake cable
set of brake pads
4 citrawipes
4 large binder clips (for front panniers)
1 small binder clip

6 packages Crawford's Garibaldi biscuits
half an 8-pack of powdered yellow Gatorade
case of mandarin orange (caffeinated) Gu
bottle of cissus

To get in LA:

I will be editing this list, unannounced, until and perhaps even after I actually leave on the trip.