June 20th, 2011



When miss_chance and I were in Flagstaff on our honeymoon not quite fifteen years ago, we thought it had a certain something... you know what I mean. Like Austin, or Boulder, it's a cultural oasis. I don't even remember what we found -- a used bookstore, perhaps, or a neat breakfast spot -- that made us like it so much, but this is one of those places in which a place like Macy's simply has to exist. It didn't take very long to find it, and once I did I got a lovely grilled cheese (Havarti on homemade whole wheat, made on a panini press), and a hearty vegetable stew (it's all vegetarian here, natch, but the food doesn't suffer). The chai is fantastic. There's an enormous coffee roaster in the middle of the seating area, and a sign saying "coffee roasted daily", and a delicious smell pervading the whole place. The only flaw is there don't seem to be any outlets near the bar seating along the windows, so anyone with a computer has to take a table. But at least the tables near the outlets are 2-tops instead of 4.

14 South Beaver Street (about a block from the Amtrak station)
Flagstaff, AZ
(928) 774-2243
Open daily 0600-2000 (this is not written down *anywhere*, not even in the cafe itself, but the barista answered with confidence so I think it's trustworthy)