May 3rd, 2012


birthday bikeride

Once again I plan to celebrate my birthday by riding my age in miles. I'd love it if you came and joined me! Some details:

  • We'll leave from my house around 10am, have lunch in probably Concord, and expect to be back in Somerville around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.
  • This is a social ride. No particular level of fitness is assumed. We will regroup at the tops of the two or three steepest hills, and ride together otherwise.
  • Please come ready to ride, with tires inflated and nothing requiring immediate repair. If you haven't ridden your bike yet this season, take it out for a spin around the block beforehand to make sure it's in working order. There are several bike shops right on the route if anything breaks on the ride, and time to stop at them if need be, but I'm hoping we don't need to stop at the one that's in the first mile.

Hope to see you there!

ETA: Right, I knew I was forgetting something important. This is on my actual birthday: Saturday, May 12.