August 31st, 2012


worldcon thursday

Day 3, or 1: in which my numbering begins to match anyone else's.

Got up at a relatively leisurely hour, had some breakfast at the now open staff den, and headed down to the art show to make sure everything was going well there. We did need to dip into the peg hooks I'd bought, but didn't run out. Plan A for where to put the empty road cases didn't pan out but there was a room set aside for storing empty mail in art boxes so we put them there. That whole process took a while since logistics was still behind the eight ball, so there were still some boxes in the room when we opened to the public at 1:00. Fortunately the room is pretty big and there we're still artists checking in so it didn't look unintentional.

Eugene and Caycee and Johnny showed up in the early afternoon and I spent quite some time smoffing with them, and especially with Eugene. Then having exhausted Eugene I went up to the Mnstf party where I found Michael Lee and spent another couple of hours smoffing with him and some other Minneapolis folks. Also stopped in at the very impressive UK bid party where Lia poured me a beer I hadnt had before, the Kansas City speakeasy party which was a fun concept, and the Circlet Press party where I arranged to borrow the same knife and cutting board that Arisia borrowed from Cecilia at Wiscon.

I am starting to collect notes on things to bring back to Arisia's process. So far they're mostly minor touches, but those matter too and they're easy to do.

One thing that of course people talk about at Worldcon is Worldcons. I have a new perspective on why Minneapolis doesn't want to run one: it's just too close on the calendar to Convergence. Being in the other direction but about the same distance on the calendar as Arisia it's just too scary to contemplate wedging a Worldcon in. And skipping a year seems to have worked out pretty poorly for cons like Philcon and Archon that tried to do it that way. Maybe this is the real reason for a carpetbag bid. Or maybe the answer is more calendar flexibility for Worldcons.