October 21st, 2012



Remember when I said I'd be changing my username? I'm sure you all said "yeah right, I'll believe it when I see it". And that was July, which was kind of a while ago. But it went on my to do list, and at the same time I quietly ramped down how much I was using that username in other contexts. And now the DW/LJ rename has come back off my to do list.

The old username still forwards, on LJ and DW. All my email addresses still go to the same place. LJ and DW still know about each other sort of; the comment links on old LJ posts still take you to the corresponding DW page. Comment count images, for some reason, don't work and maybe I will get around to fixing those. (ETA I've done this for a few recent entries and probably won't go back any further.) Likewise DW pointers to LJ versions of the posts don't work either, until I clean them up, but that's OK because I force all commenting to DW so the DW people won't miss anything. Actually this seems to be working fine now.