August 10th, 2015


site selection

After much deliberation I have finally decided on my first place vote for the site of the 75th World Science Fiction Convention: Minneapolis in '73.

A first place vote for a bid which has not filed papers followed by second and subsequent preferences is exactly equivalent in result to a vote for the subsequent preferences starting from first place instead of second, except that the first place vote is reported in the official voting records. I like to vote this way because I think it encourages hoax bidders to see their names in lights, and also because it gets me out of telling my friends on the various serious bids who I voted for.

The problem: I don't know who'll be hosting hoax bid parties at Sasquan and I'm not attending in person so I can't reward the party-throwers immediately. But it's pretty common for the MPLS73 folks to throw parties at Worldcons, and Minneapolis is one of the small handful of cities with nonstop air service to Spokane which might make that even more likely. I suspect that Chris Garcia will also be throwing a Boston Christmas bid party, but that one sounds a little bit too real.