November 3rd, 2015



Election day in Somerville today. In ward 6 I like both candidates and wish I could vote for one of them for ward alderman and the other for alderman-at-large. Lance Davis is better organized but Elizabeth Weinbloom is more willing to commit to actual ideas. I'm feeling idealistic this morning so she'll probably get my vote.

For Alderman-at-large my favorite continues to be Bill White and I like what I see from Sean Fitzgerald, who has learned from his past defeats and gotten more progressive and more specific about it. None of the other candidates' web sites seem to say much, though perhaps Dennis Sullivan is a weak third place. If I had a particular candidate I wanted to get rid of I'd vote for the other four. This time around I think I care more about Fitzgerald getting the job than I do about any particular incumbent losing it, so I'll probably vote for just two candidates.