December 20th, 2017



Arisia worksession tonight. Two of my best volunteers showed up and the three of us got what I thought would be eight task hours of work done in two and a half hours. That was a lot of fun, and we're much closer to ready for the convention now.

Over the last three worksessions, at Arisia storage (as with this one) and at NESFA, we have gone through all 750 or so pieces of pegboard in Boston and selected the 293 in the best shape to come to the convention. Of these, 287 belong to Arisia and 6 belong to NESFA. I had been thinking it would be a good idea to merge the two collections. But now that I've seen the condition of NESFA's pegboard I don't think that's a good idea any more.

I'm still grateful to NESFA for allowing me to cherry pick their pegboard, though. Those six pieces match some of ours in color and mean that we'll have enough of that color to do an entire section and not have to worry about it being next to a color that doesn't match.