phi (totient) wrote,


My federal taxes are done. Down to ten pages this year. Though as always it is the record-organizing that is the annoying part, not the filling out of forms, and there was no respite there.
My state taxes are done. Incredibly, only four pages, plus they will need copies of three of the federal pages.
Arisia's sales taxes (which are not due for a whole 'nother week) are done.
Arisia's payroll taxes (which are due at the end of the month) are done.

I feel as though reams of paper have been lifted from my shoulders.

I went out and got some sorter trays from the Goodwill store this morning, and much of what's been on my desk can now go either in those or into the cold storage filing cabinet in the attic. Goal for tonight: clear all the flammable stuff (papers, mostly) off the metal-and-glass projects half of my desk, so that I can do some soldering without risking a fire.
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