phi (totient) wrote,

six cars

Six cars at the rally last night. This is part of the series I'm putting on, but I didn't have to be in charge of this particular rally. Much. I did have to console the rallymaster when he thought we wouldn't get any competitors, and convince him to put it on anyway even though he was convinced the workers would outnumber the competitors. As it was there were twelve people competing and three working, double the number of competitors as last month and the same number of workers.

I'm glad I convinced Doug to press on -- it was a great course, scenic and difficult without being hard enough to get the novices hopelessly lost. Enough cars to feel like a real rally, but not so many that the checkpoint workers had to wait around wondering if or when the last car would ever show up. Good camaraderie at the dinner at the end, quick scoring, all in all a good size for this kind of rally. Though I do hope for more at May's rally.

Will and I were joking before the rally, when the fourth car had shown up but we didn't know about cars 5 and 6 yet, that at this rate of exponential progression we'd have a couple of dozen cars by year's end. Now we could get there with an arithmetic progression.

Results are up, points are updated, trophies are given out (though receiving one you bought yourself isn't quite the same). I have to collect one more address to send the results out to. But it's pretty much time to move on to next month's rally.
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