phi (totient) wrote,

summer tires

Changed out three of the winter tires for summer tires last night. The event that prompted this was having changed the other one earlier in the day when I got a flat laying out the Mayflower rally. I've changed enough tires that I don't really consider it a pain in the ass any more. But I've got to figure out a way to keep paper towels in the car to clean up afterwards. Last time I tried they came out of the bag I had them in and unrolled all over the trunk. Maybe folded dispenser towels in a small dispenser would work better. I'll have to check out the restaurant supply store and see what I can find.

In other news, Mayflower will be 10% (!) unpaved. That's the most unpaved I've ever put on a rally; the previous couple of Friday Nighters were about 2%, and Essex has historically been around 3% (though this year it's up to 5%). Although there are a surprising number of unpaved roads in eastern Massachusetts, most of them are pretty short. But I picked up a bunch of very nice gravel just over the border in New Hampshire. Now I just need to tweak the route up there and back so that it completes in a reasonable amount of time.
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