phi (totient) wrote,

upgrading voicemail systems

As part of Permabit's move we upgraded our phone system, which means we won't be able to keep our old voicemail. This is sad, because there's a particular piece of it I'd been keeping around. It's from miss_chance, and it goes something like this:

So I'm listing my favorite foods, and thinking about mentally walking through a grocery store, mentally walking through different parts of town, different favorite restaurants, and then I was like well, ah, ave polta, and different traveling, what was my favorite food here and there? And I was doing that, and I had hmm, what was my favorite food in Turkey? What was my favorite food in Chile? Ooh, I like that. What was my favorite food when I lived under the Pacific Ocean?


Right in that same little path with going to Turkey, going to Chile, I had me living about half a mile down from the surface of the Pacific Ocean somewhere.

I liked tomato soup when I was there, by the way.
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