phi (totient) wrote,

plan b is now in effect

... and now that I have figured out what plan B is, I am much happier.

Trophies have been picked up and they are good.
Checkpoint crew instructions have been written (these are hard).
I have enough workers not to be completely hosed, though I could still use as many as three more.

Tonight, I drive to Danvers to catalog the fast-food options for competitors lunching before the start. Then I draw the maps of the start and break areas (hard, but fun). Then I start printing, collating, and stuffing envelopes (tedious). I don't expect to finish stuffing envelopes before going to sleep tonight, but hopefully I'll get far enough to make sure I haven't forgotten anything critical.

If all goes well, I might even get to be social for a few minutes tomorrow night.

Wish me luck...
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