phi (totient) wrote,

catching up

For the first time in months, my basement is empty of rally equipment.

It's not only the physical equipment which has passed beyond my stewardship, at least for a short while. The next rally in the monthly series will be run by Fred Mapplebeck, who as TCNE equipment chair and general poobah-associate is also checking the batteries on the clocks and making some sense of the big box of paperwork. The equipment for the separate championship series (of which Essex Ramble was a part) is on its way to Connecticut for a rally in August, to be put on by a higher mucky-muck than myself.

As my desk gradually reappears from underneath its pile of paperwork, so I find my psyche decompressing as a class of distractions are removed. But both the physical and metaphorical desktops still have quite a lot of accumulated contents to be dealt with before I load them up again.
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